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Just two 90-minute sessions

Super easy to understand

Completely free

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A better way to get out of debt, save,
invest for your financial freedom

We'll cover all the things they didn't teach you in school:

  • Define what the dream of financial freedom means to you

  • Discover 6 ways to get out of debt and build savings

  • Learn 4 simple investments for a better money future

  • Understand how to split your money between investments

  • Know how to choose where to invest—and avoid high fees

  • Use your financial literacy to make a plan and put it to work


What our students say

Your class helped heal my financial wounds. Really, I cannot thank you enough. Learning to have a healthy relationship with money is something they don't teach you in our society, so what you're offering is pure gold.

Martha M.


Why we started Understanding Money

We all need to learn to handle our finances. But why should we have to pay for that education? 


Until now, you'd have to hire someone to teach you, struggle to try to learn it on your own, or give up and just pay someone to manage things for you. All costly choices. 


We believe financial literacy should be a fundamental right, available to everyone and at no cost whatsoever. If you’re ready to take control of your money situation, this is the perfect place to start.


Previous student communities include:

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About our founder

Bruce Miller started his working life like many folks: with student debt and very little money (only $689 to be exact). Over time, he learned to follow some simple money principles, and after a career in marketing and advertising, was able to retire in his 50s.


Blessed with that financial freedom, Bruce has dedicated his retirement years to non-profit fundraising and his mission of making financial literacy accessible to all. With his Understanding Money class, he has already empowered thousands of people to make their way to financial freedom. 


Bruce graduated from Dartmouth (AB in Economics, summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa) and Stanford Graduate School of Business (MBA, with top 10% honors). He has served on the fundraising boards of both schools, and has received numerous awards for his service. 

  • What makes this course different?
    Three things: First, you’ll learn to follow breathtakingly simple principles—absolutely everyone can do this. Second, no one else offers follow-up coaching after their course to help ensure you stay on track. And third, no one else offers a class, class materials and coaching for free.
  • What exactly do you mean by "free"?
    No fees…no cost…no fooling. There's absolutely no charge for the class materials, live Zoom class sessions or private Zoom coaching after the class. And we don’t receive a penny in fees or commissions, either from you or from any company where you choose to do your saving and investing.
  • Why is everything free?
    Three reasons: First, we believe financial literacy is a basic human right. We want to help as many people as possible—but particularly those with modest resources—get the education and coaching they need, without being expected to pay for it. Second, by doing this 100% pro bono, we reassure our students that we have no hidden agenda or conflict of interest in the education and counsel we offer. And third, we just love helping people.
  • Why two 90-minute sessions?
    Because that's all you need. Part of what makes Understanding Money a better course is that it doesn’t require weeks or months to learn. And we've broken the class into two sessions a week apart, so you’ll have time to absorb what you learned in the first session before we build upon it in the second.
  • What's the benefit of private Zoom coaching?
    Since money is a sensitive topic, private coaching lets participants bring up things they might not want to share in a class. And many people have questions pop up along the way, as they put into practice what they learned in the two class sessions. By making coaching available, we help our students get on track and stay on track.
  • Anything else I should know?
    We’ll teach and give you advice, but only you will decide where and how you’ll save and invest your money. And we’ll never ask for information on, or have access to, any of your accounts.

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